Ethnosh is the product of a novel and enjoyable collaboration between three Greensboro, NC-based organizations: Face to Face Greensboro, Triad Local First, and Bluezoom Advertising, with the ardent and absolutely vital support from other community organizations.

Face to Face Greensboro

From friend-raising to advocacy, Face to Face brings youngish people together by bridging gaps in community and providing space for voices to be heard and ideas to be shared, ultimately creating a more vibrant, more connected, more culturally-rich Greensboro.

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Triad Local First

Triad Local First, a non-profit membership organization based in Greensboro, NC, with a network over 280 locally-owned and independent businesses in North Carolina's Triad, is committed to building a strong local economy and a vibrant, unique community.

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Bluezoom is an independent marketing and design agency located in the heart of downtown Greensboro, NC with a strong track record of community-building and award-winning work over its 20+ years of business.

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Our Contributors

We are extremely grateful to the following institutions whose vision, generosity, and support proved indispensible in making Ethnosh a reality: